Yoga to Sweat

For those days you need to go hard and leave everything on the mat.

4 Your Legs - Hey There Hammies 🙂

This 30 minute practice will stretch out your thighs, hip flexors and quads and you'll even be invited to take a few breaths in headstand. Props: 2 blocks

Difficulty: Challenging

Duration: 33 min

Yoga Play for All Levels

This yoga flow is great for beginners and both men and women. We'll  go through some sun salutations and then stretch and build strength in your legs and core.

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 20 min

Stoke the Fire: Core Yoga

A strong core is important for your daily posture and the health of your spine. So take 45 minutes out of your day to strengthen and stretch your core.

Difficulty: Challenging 

Duration: 45 min

Quick Cup of Joe 

This 10 minute yoga sequence will get you moving quickly through some standing yoga poses. After you'll be energized and stretched, ready to fight the good fight.

Difficulty: Medium 

Duration: 10 min

Quick Core 

Great for low back / SI joint pain and for new moms, we'll work on strengthening the stomach, back and pelvic floor, helping to stabalize and relieve discomfort. 

Difficulty: Easy 

Duration: 11 min

Energetic Wrist-Free Yoga 

This fast moving yoga flow is perfect if your wrists and arms need a little break, but you still want to do some muscle strengthening, stretching and relaxation. 

Difficulty: Challenging

Duration: 25 min

Beginner Yoga Flow

This video is especially good if you've had a wild day and would like to de-stress and get a workout. Not flexible? No worries, there are modifications for you.

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 35 min

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