Pregnancy Yoga

Relieve some of the discomfort of pregnancy while taking the time to deepen the connection to your own body and to your baby.

Ground and Relax

We'll gently stretch and wake up the body and then move into some standing poses to strengthen and increase balance. Props: blanket, pillow, block (optional)

Difficulty: All Levels

Duration: 30 min

Go With The Flow

Enjoy gentle flowy movement like sun salutations and practice flowing with whatever arises during this pregnancy. Props: blanket, pillow, block (optional)

Difficulty: All Levels

Duration: 35 min

Loving Kindness for a Growing Family

Get rid of any concerns or worries surrounding your pregnancy with this 15 min meditation. While generating positive emotions for both you and your baby.

Difficulty: All Levels

Duration: 15 min

Office Yoga: Keep Moving at your Desk

We'll start with some stretching at your desk and then get up to do a bit of stretching and strengthening at the wall with lunges, heel lifts and tree pose. 

Difficulty: All Levels

Duration: 17 min

Morning Yoga for all Trimesters

These yoga poses are meant to help wake up your body in the morning or at any time, and to build strength and endurance in your legs as well as in your mind.

Difficulty: All Levels

Duration: 26 min

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