Yoga Specials

For those special days. Like when your body is begging for hip openers. You need to warm up before a run. Or you are feeling a bit anxious. 

Prenatal Yoga - Flow and Move

Find physical & emotional balance to help you flow and adapt to whatever comes up during your pregnancy and the birth. Props: blanket, pillow, block (optional)

Difficulty: Beginner (for all stages of a healthy pregnancy)

Duration: 35 min

Prenatal Yoga - Grounding 

Strengthen the trust in yourself and your ability to provide for your baby by grounding and connecting to the earth. Props: blanket, pillow, block (optional)

Difficulty: Beginner (for all stages of a healthy pregnancy)

Duration: 30 min

Low Back Yoga

This sequence, perfect for after work, will help you relieve tension and discomfort in the low back through some hip opener stretches and gentle forward folds.

Difficulty: All-level

Duration: 22 min

Standing Poses for Acid Reflux

This yoga sequence aims to avoid aggravating your heartburn by using only standing poses, like high lunge and warrior II, and seated forward folds. 

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 20 min

Wrist Free Yoga

This energetic sequence is great if your wrists need a break. The poses have been selected so that you can put as little weight on the hands as possible.

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 25 min

Yoga for Digestion

A perfect sequence for home. We will be doing some twists and forward folds to massage the abdominal organs and get things moving (better to be alone, hehe).

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 18 min

Upper Back Yoga

Great for after work or during a lunch break - this beginner-friendly sequence will help you open up your upper back, neck and chest after hours at a computer. 

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 20 min

Runner's Warm Up

This quick sequence will give you a stretch (think hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes and calves) that will get you warmed up and ready for a short jog or a long run. 

Difficulty: All-level

Duration: 17 min

Postnatal Yoga - Sun Salutations

We will use a block (or blanket) to target the pelvic floor and help the thighs to rotate inward. Be sure to listen to your body and take a break when needed.

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 11 min

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

This short 15-minute yoga sequence will help you to use breath and movement to let go of stress and to get grounded, calm and relaxed.

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 15 min

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